Rhymer Reason

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye. Dan Warschauer will participate as a Guest Director during the second half of the meeting tonight working with the Polar Express songs that will be sung between Thanksgiving and Christmas in Old Sacramento. I am full agreement with Dan's participation and look forward to an enjoyable time under his direction. Please don't start thinking that a director change is in process [no rumors, OK?]. This is intended to bring variety to our meeting[s] through a different directing personality. Thank you, Dan, for visiting on the 21st to see what we do, and also help in the bass section rehearsal.

The CAPs will meet at 6:15PM to continue learning about how to perform better. We are using the word assertive to describe our performing attitude. There are three approaches to performing: passive, assertive & aggressive; assertive generally pleases the audience the most. Another word is intentional, which conveys a similar thought.

It is good for every member to sing our songs assertively/intentionally, not just The CAPs. The reason will be obvious if you stop to consider the circumstances.

We'll pass on the section rehearsal this week because the 2nd half will be devoted to the Polar Express songs with Dan.

See you at the appropriate time next Tuesday. Ray

ps: Darkness on the Delta choreo sheet attached, as promised